Google+ Integrated into Google Apps, Huh?

This morning I envisioned a headline on Mashable that could, someday, read: “Finally…Google+ Integrated into Google Apps”. The Enterprise Google Apps community has been waiting months for this to happen.
Google+ surfing in an ocean of business

Surf with Google+

And still…we…wait. Once this happens, though, here are some ways Google+ will rock my business world:
  • Allow me to use one network (rather than several networks) to communicate with nearly 2,000 sales associates. This necessarily will increase my personal productivity. And with this productivity increase I’ll have more time to focus on providing more value to these 2,000 sales associates.
  • Give these nearly 2,000 sales associates one network to use (rather than several networks) to collaborate, share ideas, and help each other. They are THE community. Google+ in Apps will further unleash the collective brilliance of this community.
  • Leverage the Google+ social nervous system to achieve several business objectives by aligning fundamental community management concepts, principles, and processes within a social business ecosystem (as brilliantly illustrated by @davidarmano).
The tectonic plates of Google’s product development teams need to align and unleash the Pangaea of a social business platform for its Enterprise clients. Sooner rather than later, please, Google. Opportunity awaits us both.
Photo credit: gordontarpley


  1. Hi Eric,

    This is a very wise post. I think it could be the framework for solid business use and adoption. Let’s hope they get it right.

    My best,

  2. Jim Duncan says:

    I too am looking forward to the shift that will happen once g+ enters the Apps world. I still think that Google should open Apps and Plus to organizations (like mine) with less than 25 people. Rebuilding my g+ network is not something I relish, but one that I will reluctantly and swiftly do as soon as possible.

  3. Jana Coleman says:


    Hope you will consider Our World as the one community to share ideas with your agents on multiple levels.

  4. Eric Bryn says:

    Jim, I think that is a great idea. It is an interesting conundrum, and has caused me some headaches to think through. The goal is to minimize the number of touch points with a network to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. But I too will work in both universes if necessary.

  5. Eric Bryn says:

    Jana, that is an option.

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